Another birthday present / LocoMotion delay

I already got a Märklin CS3 as an early birthday present, somewhere in February.
As if this wasn’t enough, I also got a second birthday present !
I got another resin 3D printer. This time is was way bigger and faster.
Thank you Christel, for my AnyCubic Mono X and my Wash & Cure 2.0 !!!
This also explains why the LocoMotion project got “delayed” 🙂
I needed to do some testing/investigation with the new printing beast.
(and I also got distracted by some 3D printing projects, that where not possible on the Photon S, which I got last year)

This Mono X does have a print-volume of 192mm * 120mm * 245mm
(compared to the 115mm *65mm *155mm of the PhotonS)
Also the print-speed per layer only needs 1.5s (compared to 8s), this is really a speedy machine 🙂

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