New trackplan + no music anymore

Throughout the years, I “tried” several other hobbies: making videos, RC cars, electronics, making “big” trains
(scale 1/10 with my own lathe & mill …), making music …
– Video-making I did start, because of the birth of my daughter (in 1998), and I did quit because I did win a lot of prizes with my first movie, so the challenge was gone.
– RC cars, I did pick up for my movie making hobby. (look for Venatio on my blog)
– Making “big” trains was fun, but I had to quit, because it became to dangerous with my epilepsy.
– Making music, was something I did pick up during my long years of illness. I had to choose between a large model layout and room for my music. I did choose the large railroad layout 🙂

I can say, that in between those hobbies, model railroading was a constant, that I would not give up.
Because I have to sell my large machines (lathe, cnc mill etc …), caused by “to dangerous” on one hand, and “not needed anymore” on the other hand, I have some extra room to spare.
I’m going to buy a much smaller lathe, cnc mill, laser, 3D printer etc …, it was time to organize my modelrailroad room a bit different.

I had some ideas:
– 80 cm is the max “depth” for the layout. (120 cm, like currently, is simply to much)
– going all around the place, will give me more joy.
– because I have much more trains and train-sets then 10 years ago, I needed a BIG staging yard.

Because I also “move” to smaller machines (thanks to H0, in stead of 1/10 scale), I can put these machinery in the middle of the room, and so creating a big “run around” layout, against the walls of the room.

This is what I came up with:
– green part is “harbor”
– orange part is “show off” deck (a bit higher then harbor)
– red part is “station and city” level
– brown part is round-house and (steam)locomotive threatment. (coals/sand/water)

I’m also in need of a GIANT staging yard. In Rocail you have the possibility to store trains in a dynamic staging yard. (store one train after the other). So I planned 2 layers above each other, with 25 centimeters between them.
I hope I can store at least 100 train-sets 🙂
Because in my previous staging yard I had only room for about 10 trainsets, almost all my C-rails that I have, will go into the staging yard layout. So, Christel ordered about 15 KG of C-rails for my birthday, for the rest of my layout 🙂
Also, I will need lots and lots of occupancy sensors. I have a lot of S88 sensors, but I will also needs lots more.
That’s why I currently am looking into Loconet, to have at least a few hundred more sensors. (S88 has it’s limits)


Wintrack V13 plan 25.01 KB 680 downloads

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