The Agon Light (2) – a Z80 computer

Agon light™ is a fully open-source 8-bit microcomputer and microcontroller in one small, low-cost board, built with state-of-the-art 21st-century technology.
It has two claims to fame, both of which are substantiated in the next sections. In a nutshell,

Agon light™ is the fastest and cheapest 8-bit microcomputer ever made.

In addition, Agon light™ is the world’s sole standalone, instant-on, BASIC-programmed microcontroller that dispenses with a host PC and sketch compilation.

This allows projects to be controlled from the immediacy of a BASIC interpreter’s prompt.

The illustration below details Agon light™’s key technical specifications.

There are currently 2 versions of the Agon-Light (both 100% compatible):
– The “Official” one, check it out here (including a list with youtube videos, links etc … !)
– One from Olimex (European supplier) – called Agon Light 2
(You can attach an UEXT ESP8266 to this version, for network/internet connectivity. They also sell a metal case for this Agon Light 2)

Also check-out the Github page !

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