*Venatio* – the movie !

You will probably think, a posting, dated in 2005, for a site that started in 2008 ?
Yes, you are right, but this is one of three exceptions 🙂

Back in 2005, is was a member of AVAC. A Belgian club for video-enthousiasts. I became a member of this club in 2004, just to learn how to hold a camera a shoot the perfect footage with a video-camera. After a while, I also got caught by the video-virus, and I started filming my own first short-movie. Venatio is a little action-movie (10 minutes and 24 seconds) …

A serial killer uses a new way to kill … He uses technology like a radio-controlled car, equiped with miniature weapons, hacked security camera feeds, satellite connections and all kinds of other gadgets. He doesn’t even have to leave his secret hide-out and remains un-exposed, while killing people. From the moment he chooses you as a victim, there is no escape possible. But not this time, with his latest victim, everything turns out differently …

I won several prices with this movie, and people still ask me questions about it. So, I decided to put it online 🙂

Click here to see Venatio – the movie

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