Lego Mindstorms enhanced CD wall

This is one of those exception postings (there are three of them)
Because the old website where this belongs, does no longer exists, I decided to add these to our blog, dated before the start of in 2008 …

Back in 2000, I was “into” robotics a lot more then I am today. I do own several mindstorms sets, and one of my “inventions” that made it onto the “Wall of Fame” on the official Lego Mindstorms website, was my “enhanced CD Wall”.
The idea is like a “jukebox”, you insert a CD into your PC, the PC reads it and searches for the info of the CD trough CDDB online. After this, you place the CD on the “forklift”. The system knows where there are still empty slots, and puts the CD in such an empty slot. When you search for a certain song on your PC, the system knows on what CD the song is on, and picks that specific CD from the rack, and “gives” it to you …

Click here to download a PDF with global building instructions and the NQC sourcecode
Click here to see a movie of the CD-wall in action

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