Using S88 (6pin flatcable) with S88link on bus 1 & 2 (CS3)

With my Märklin CS3, I use an S88Link, to use my S88 sensor modules.
I have lots and lots of S88 modules, that still use a 6-pin flatcable version, instead of the newer network-cable version. On the S88Link there is however only 1 6-pin connection
and 2 network-cable connections.
With an S88N adapter, it becomes possible to connect the 6-pin connector to the network-cable connector, so you can fully use the 3 available busses on one S88link.
(Otherwise you would need an extra S88link, for every 6-pin S88 bus that you want to connect to the CS3. (and you will also use a Märklin terminal, to connect multiple S88Links)

This is the S88-A-SR from Tams Electronics, network cable goes to bus 1 or 2 on the S88Link, and the 6-pin flatcable goes to the input of your S88 Module.
(pin 1 is at the bottom, pin 6 at the top)

This is the S88-A-BR, this is a female version of the previous adapter, and fits directly on the male 6-pin connector of the S88 module.

If you want to make your own S88N adapter/cable, you can follow the above pinout overview.

You can find the S88N adapters for ordering on the Tams-Online website, with their description.

These are the S88 modules I use. It’s just a reminder to myself with the ports/pins layout 🙂

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