Merry Christmas !

first of all, a Merry Christmas to all our readers and their family 🙂 Yesterday-evening, I had an intimite Christmas diner with my wife Christel … Besides some good food, I had to openup a lot of presents, between 7 PM and midnight … Ofcourse, I also bought a lot of presents for Christel 🙂

  • We started our diner with a bottle of Champagne, and some apetizer-snacks.
  • Next, we had some lobster, and some presents …
  • After this, we had some duck-brest and “black forest” ham.
  • After another small break, we continued with some pumpkin soup with “black forest” ham in it.
  • After opening some other presents, it was almost midnight, and we started with the main dish, Partridge with potato croquettes, braised sweet chicory, advocado sauce and some passion fruit.
  • After some other presents, we finished our champagne cake with some coffee and cognac around 2 AM 🙂

I actually got an HBM 550×250 lathe for my Christmas, somewhere in october, but last weekend i also got an HBM BF-25 mill ! Christel told me this was an early Birthday present (My birthday is in april !), but by that time, she probably already forgot about this mill, and I’m sure something will pop up in april 🙂 Furthermore, I got a bongo set, a set with screwdrivers (I needed a new set), and an exclusive model from Marklin,
Namely the new VT10.5 Senator set 39101 – including the extension set 41101 ! (I already have the first Senator set).
I bought Christel a nice live-steam locomotive (I bought this as a kit, and started building, upgrading and tweaking it since august, without here even knowing what I was doing, lol).
Besides this, I also bought here a tender, 2 extra railcars, and everything she needed to “fire up” this beauty. (distilled water, gas, lighter, lubricating oil, steam oil …) I even did put a nameplate on the loco, with “Christel” marked as the name of the loco 🙂 Furthermore, I bought an harmonica, and Christel also complained that our phone was actually not that good anymore, so I also bought here a set of 4 new phones. (I actually almost never use our landline to make phonecalls)

I’m off now, onto our “christmas-day” diner: turkey 🙂 …

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