Album: Happy Birthday Christel !

So, yesterday was Christels’ birthday. We enjoyed some good food and some nice drinks … Besides that, I also had some presents for my girl 🙂

Well, it was a “plan B” present ! During summermonths, I bought a live-steam locomotive as a birthday-present. It was a “kit”, so I needed to put it together. Everything went fine, and I decided to “power up” this little locomotive. So, I ordered some “high power” cylinders, a gas burner, and some nice extra “addons”, to pimp this loco a bit. After this modifications, it doesn’t run like it’s supposed to be. Friday I will take this loc to the “train doctor” (Dirk, aka Ardjoena). I hope he can fix this problem, so that I have this nice locomotive back in time, to give it to Christel as a Christmas present 🙂

Luckely, I always by my gifts on time, so I already had a Christmas present, which I used as a birthday present now …

The present consists out of 2 parts:

  • a “Harz-camel”, a diesel locomotive, used on the Harzquer railroad, accompanied by 4 cars.
  • a steam locomotive BR 99 6001-4, accompanied with 4 coaches.
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