Brutus – live steam G-scale – on the lathe

Dirk (Ardjoena) showed us his ‘Brutus’ on the KMYCA days in september. Once this was a club-project in the KMYCA club, where Dirk introduced it. This looks like an ideal (yet simple) loco to start with as a beginner …

So, on a rainy saturday afternoon, we headed to Dirks’ home. He showed me his kingdom with multiple lathes and milling machines. Since it was about then 25 years ago, since I touched a lathe (2 hours a week, during my studies ‘industrial sciences’), I needed some lessons. Dirk made some ‘Brutus’-parts on his lathe, showing how this should be done … This was a *very* educational afternoon for me !

Dirk, if you are reading this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for these lessons 🙂

So, after my lathe was installed, I “turned on” the lathe, and started making some pieces for Brutus of my own … I also used the lathe as a milling device …

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