Early Christmas present ! (Lathe + extras)

This year was the ‘big’ year for a brand new lathe and mill/drill machine. Christel decided to order this for my Christmas, including lots and lots of extra’s. With a long delivery period in mind, She started ordering somewhere at the beginning of october, with the idea that delivery would be somewhere at the beginning of december. Suprisingly, everything was already ‘available’ after one week of waiting ! Because the size/weight of this present, it was impossible to put everything in wrapping paper, and display it under the Christmas tree. So, this is why I already got my Christmas present halfway october 🙂 …

I always wanted to buy such machinery (besides my CNC mill and CO2 laser CNC that I already had), But wanting to build my own live-steam engines/locomotives, was the final trigger to get all this nice stuff 🙂

Special thanks goto my brother in law, Frank, for helping to get this “weighty present” from the metal shop onto my workbench ! (transporting it by car and helping putting it on the workbench)

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