Welcome to our garden-railway !
Last year, Christel already bought an LGB startset. (see september 2011 in the railroading section) This year, we decided to do a complete make-over of our garden, to include some LGB layout. We started somewhere in august, with the conversion of our garden, but due to a long period of illness, not everything is done yet. However, the garden itself is OK now, and the lower part of the tracks is also usable. Only about 60 meters rails left to do, will be done somewhere in 2013, when the sun comes back 🙂

The pond became a bit smaller, we now also have room for a small table with 2 chairs in the back, and we have a considerable larger place for our new (round) table with chairs. The black rectangle in the bottom-right, is a new toy for me: A large Weber BBQ 🙂 The only negative side was, that a few of our koi-fishes needed a new home.(smaller pond) Luckely we had a good friend, 2 streets down, so we can still “visit” these fishes !

Included are some pictures from the old pond, the old garden, “work in progress” pictures, and how everything looks now … (Check the last picture for a schematic/plan, the yellow and orange tracks are still to be placed)

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