The *new* H0 layout …

Back in april 2010, we started with the renovation of the second garage. We teared down the wall between these 2 garage, and dit put an iron I-beam under the roof, to “hold it up” … I installed airco/heating, laminat flooring, (day/night)-lighting, a new ceiling, cables for satellite TV, surround sound, internet and new electricity. Furthermore we painted everything. I also did draw new plans for the new layout, and created a wooden frame, to put the railroad on. A cabinet for all electronics was also build under the layout.
Next, I installed all tracks, and the structures to support them. (including a large helix)
In the “other garage,” a conversion was done, so that our car could “sleep inside” at night. I created a workbench with linear actuators, to lower it when working at it, and to put it “up”, when the car needs to sit inside the garage.

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