Download collection for my electronics projects *Updated*

During the past 5 years, I designed a whole bunch of electronic projects, You can see a list of all these projects, in the “Electronics” section. I collected all project-files into a few downloads.

1. Home automation related (click here to download)
For my home-made bus-system, I created several modules/cards. This is a collection of all these cards, including HEX-file and sourcecode.

  • 4×2 audio switch (matrix) controller
  • 6×4 video switch (matrix) controller
  • 5V..36V 16-channel high-power output controller
  • 5V..36V 16-channel low-power output controller
  • 5V..36V 8-channel high-power output controller
  • 5V..36V 8-channel low-power output controller
  • 64 LED (matrix) controller
  • Bridge controller
  • 0V..10V 4-channel DAC controller
  • Data repeater (for long distance bus communication)
  • 5V..48V Double Linear Actuator controller
  • 4-channel 6V / 12V / 24V halogen controller
  • Infrared transceiver (RC5 / RC5X / RC6)
  • 8-channel input controller
  • 4×20 chars LCD controller
  • Main controller (Network connection)
  • MP3 controller – light version
  • MP3 controller – pro version
  • 8-channel relais controller
  • RGB LEDstrip controller (24-bit color, max. 25 meter)
  • 4-channel servo controller
  • Wireless receiver
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Wireless RGB controller

2. (model)railroad related (click here to download)
In the meanwhile, I already have a bunch of HO-related electronic designs. I collected them in one file. Most of the designs can be used with MM and DCC, if not mentioned otherwise.
More info for MDRRC hardware, can be found on the homepage of Robert Evers, by clicking here
Click here to download my MDRRC-related PCB’s and schematics in PDF

  • 3-position 4-channel servo decoder. (for steamlomotive water supplies)
  • 8-channel relais decoder
  • MDRRC (MM & DCC command center)
  • MDRRC keyboard
  • MDRRC RFM12 extension
  • MDRRC RFM12 remote control
  • RFID (for use with RocRail)
  • 4 channel function-decoder for within coaches
  • S88 16 channel detection module
  • 4-channel servo decoder (DCC only !)
  • module for LED-strip inside Märklin coaches
  • traffic-light controller

3. Eagle Libraries (click here to download)
Whenever I wanted to use certain extra add-ons or modules (like LCD,RFM12, rotary encoders etc …), I tried to use components that are available from known providers, like Sparkfun, RS Components etc … I collected the Eagle libraries in one ZIP-file.

4. ULP & DRC files for Eagle (click here to download)
I created several DRC files, depending on the type of projects I created. These DRC files go from small to large PCB traces. Also a CTL file is included, so you can use the autorouting functionality in Eagle, for simple one-layered projects.

  • CTL file for one-layer autorouting
  • DRC file for etching
  • DRC file for smallest-sized CNC lines
  • DRC file for small-sized CNC lines
  • DRC file for middle-sized CNC lines
  • DRC file for large-sized CNC lines


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