Eurospoor 2014

This weekend, we visited Eurospoor 2014.
While years ago, we almost liked every modelrailroad on modelrailroad exhibitions,
we became more and more “critics”. There was a lot of stuff we didn’t like anymore.
However, we did like the French railroad “La Bosse Grande”, the A4 diorama contest, “Altburg”, and “Braggels Baenke”.

We did look for the new Maerklin tank-railroadcars and a BR05 steam locomotive, but we couldn’t find any. Christel bought me a nice present for Saint-Nicolas, the Maerklin set 43958 – Rheinpfeil. (I already have several E-locs in my collection to put before these coaches)

I did take my “precautions” by sleeping as much as I could on saturday, but even this, did not prevent us from arriving late at Eurospoor and going home early.
Ooh well, it was ages ago since I did something modelrailroad-related, so this was a well-deserved (small) trip !

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