Due to health-issues, I’m not able to do a lot on the modelrailroad.
Also, I’m currently working half-time, because I realy need my rest !

So, a few small things, take up ages to complete !
Some time ago, I started with the block of houses, that will sit between the Märklin factory and the coal-mine industry.
Because the houses are only about 50 to 60 cm away from “eye-sight”, we decided to give them some interior. (Like the coal-mine and the factory also)

From left to right, these houses will become:
– Cornerhouse with a toy/modeltrain shop. (with a real working mini-trainlayout in the shops’ window)
– Post office (Deutsche Post)
– Bank (Deutsche Bank)
– 2 houses for “Paradies”, a “red light district” part 🙂
– a regular house
– 2 houses for an architect office (ArchitekturbĂĽro Albert Speer)
– Cornerhouse with a gasthof and biergarten

Because the houses are of a very tin material, light shines trough very easy.
So I created “light boxes” with the 3D printer, to prevent light-leakage.
(Drawing did take about 5 minutes, and printing can continue while I sleep/rest)
Furthermore, I used some EL wire/EL paper/EL tape, to create publicity-panels …

Not much done yet, but I already did take some pictures, to whet the appetite 🙂
You will see some light shine trough the roof and other parts of the houses, but this is a backside-reflection,
because the lighted parts, don’t yet have a backplate installed !

Update – november 23th – 2014
– The ArchitekturbĂĽro is finished (exterior and interior lighting + floor/walls + interior)
– Bar “Paradies” is finished (exterior and interior lighting + floor/walls + interior)
– The post office is finished (exterior and interior lighting + floor/walls + interior)
– The bank office is finished (exterior and interior lighting + floor/walls + interior)

For the post and bank, I didn’t use EL tape, I simply printed the publicity panels (onto plastic sheets), and lighted them with some SMD LEDs …
The back-walls for these 2 offices are still not installed !
Furthermore, I need to put lighting and interior into 2 houses, and also need to completely
do the lighbox modelling in Solidworks for the toy shop and gasthof. (and interior/floors/walls/lighting etc …)

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