Holidays – part 6: Faszination Gothard Bahn

Just outside Rörthenburg-ob-ter-Tauber (about 7 kilometers), there is a small town, called “Steinfeld”.
In this town, you can visit “Faszination Gothard Bahn”, a Swiss-themed model railroad …
I was a little disappointed while visiting this modelrailroad. (Maybe I have seen to much modelrailroads, and I’m getting spoiled ?)

– The trains do run, but there is still a lot of work to do on the scenery of this modelrailroad.
– no lighting in buildings
– poor lighting above the modelrailroad, which makes it hard to take descent pictures.
– The only movement on this layout, are the trains, nothing else. (in these times, you have faller car system, and lots of other possibilities to make your modelrailroad more “alive”)

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