Holidays – part 7: IMA & Märklin days

Part 7 of our holidays feels like “comming home” 🙂
We have already been several times in Göppingen for IMA and Märklin opendoors …
The last time was 4 years ago, but it still feels very familiar 🙂

We arrived on thursday noon, so we decided to pick a nice place along the railroad between Plöchingen & Göppingen, to catch some pictures and 3D video from the steamtrains that were arriving to Göppingen from Nördlingen & Stg-Kornwestheim. The pictures we have taken, do no justice to what it looks like in real-life. It’s so spectacular to see a whole bunch of steam-locomotives coupled together, and making those typical steam/smoke and engine-noises … Actually, you should see it yourself 🙂 (I will try to upload the 3D videos on my youtube channel, later on this year)

Some of our readers may remember (or may not), that we also visited the VSM (Veluwse steam company) last year with “Terug naar Toen”. We did meet a very nice guy from Denmark, named Christian. Well, because we already knew last year that we both would go to this IMA & Märklin days, we decided to meat again. We had a nice diner on thursday evening at hotel/restaurant Hohenstaufen. (the “famous” restaurant with Z-scale layouts in the “Bümmelzug” bar … Christian is a Märklin insider, and was invited to visit the Märklin factory. As an insider, you are allowed to bring 2 people with you. So, we got this friendly invitation from Christian, to join him to the factory. (I think it’s about 5 or 6 years ago that we visited the Märklin factory) It was a fun and educational tour. (sorry, no pictures, you are not allowed to take pictures within the factory, and furthermore, we did have so much fun these past 3 days, that I mostly forgot to take pictures, so only 47 pictures for these 3 days)

Christian, if you are reading this, A BIG THANK YOU ! We really enjoyed it 🙂

Furthermore, we ofcourse also visited the IMA at the Stauferpark, the LGB exhibition in the EWS Arena, the Leonard Weiss werkhallen and the Märklin museum/Erlebenis welt. (where we bought in HO: a BR53, a Prusian P10, 5 passengercars (to put behind the BR53), the special cars for the IMA & Märklin factory visit, some schuco IMA cars … a Köf II in LGB scale for Christels’ garden layout, some Märkling T-shirts and even a Märklin umbrella)

This was really the high-light of our holidays, and the best spend 3 days this year 🙂

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2 Responses to Holidays – part 7: IMA & Märklin days

  1. Christian says:

    yeah – now I saw your website – GREAT memories 😉

    • Kris says:

      Hi Christian,

      Indeed, great memories 🙂 I hope we can soon meet again. (Dortmund in April, or Veluwse Stoommaatschappij in september ?)

      best regards from me and Christel …

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