Selfmade mini (PCB) CNC milling machine *UPDATED, April 28th – 2016*

I already own a Colinbus Profiler portal CNC machine and converted a large/heavy
HBM BF-25  to CNC, but al this is a bit “overkill” and/or consumes a lot of time to setup,
to only create a printed circuit board.

So,  I decided it was time for a new, small, easy to use, PCB milling machine.
This new machine contains mainly 3D printed parts, a few ball bearings, smooth rods, springs, nuts and bolts, and M8 screwlead, an Arduino and a Ramps board 🙂

If you want to give it a try, and build yourself this machine, then please check out
Furthermore, I made some feet and a piece for and endswitch for the Z-axis, take a look at my thingiverse upload for the STL files:

*UPDATE, april 28th – 2016*

I wanted to be able to mill PCBs, without the need of a PC, standing next to the Cyclone PCB Factory machine. So, I did take a look on the internet, and noticed that bCNC (besides a lot of other gcode senders), can run on a Raspberry Pi.
So a quick decision was made, to attach a 7″ touchscreen and a RPI to the Cyclone.
This extension consists of 3 parts:

  • the case, the thing that houses the LCD and RPI
  • a bracket to hold the LCD into the casing, with the ability to attach the LCD circuitboard with 4 screws to this attachement. (glue it in place with a few drops of superglue)
  • a bracket to hold the RPI. (RPI 3 in my case), also put in place with a few drops of superglue.

The strip with the mounting holes, fits underneath the baseplate (just drill 3 holes), and is the samen height as the feet for the cyclone I designed earlier.
So, no matter how tick your plate is, it will always fits nicely underneath it 🙂
You can download the necessary files from my thingiverse page:

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3 Responses to Selfmade mini (PCB) CNC milling machine *UPDATED, April 28th – 2016*

  1. Kris says:

    Hi Andre,

    Sorry for the late reply. My cyclone is currently “staying with a friend”. I will get it back next weekend, and will be able to answer you when it returns …

    best regards,

  2. Kris says:

    Hi Andre,

    Got my Cyclone back, the Z-probes are indeed connected to Pin 18, no problems at all.
    The upper Z endswitch is currently still unused, I still need to implement this in software.
    (no default Cyclone GRBL ramps firmware support this for the moment)

    best regards,

  3. Patrick Healy says:

    Hi Kris

    Great site and blog thank you. Just a quick question, I have ordered all the screws etc that I need so I just need to print my parts, which folder alone contains the parts needed for the cyclone pcb factory? The GitHub contains many folders with cad or stl files so not sure which is essential and which is just source material.

    Thank you in advance

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