I already own a Colinbus Profiler portal CNC machine and converted a large/heavy
HBM BF-25  to CNC, but al this is a bit “overkill” and/or consumes a lot of time to setup,
to only create a printed circuit board.

So,  I decided it was time for a new, small, easy to use, PCB milling machine.
This new machine contains mainly 3D printed parts, a few ball bearings, smooth rods, springs, nuts and bolts, and M8 screwlead, an Arduino and a Ramps board 🙂

If you want to give it a try, and build yourself this machine, then please check out
Furthermore, I made some feet and a piece for and endswitch for the Z-axis, take a look at my thingiverse upload for the STL files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1131591

*UPDATE, april 28th – 2016*

I wanted to be able to mill PCBs, without the need of a PC, standing next to the Cyclone PCB Factory machine. So, I did take a look on the internet, and noticed that bCNC (besides a lot of other gcode senders), can run on a Raspberry Pi.
So a quick decision was made, to attach a 7″ touchscreen and a RPI to the Cyclone.
This extension consists of 3 parts:

The strip with the mounting holes, fits underneath the baseplate (just drill 3 holes), and is the samen height as the feet for the cyclone I designed earlier.
So, no matter how tick your plate is, it will always fits nicely underneath it 🙂
You can download the necessary files from my thingiverse page:

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