3D-printed EMD SW1500 locomotive (Scale 1:32) for the garden railroad

Christel like American locomotives, and as you know, she also owns a garden railway.
Because I’m still recovering and nog beeing able to spend a lot of time on the mill & lathe,
I decided to print some material for the garden Railway.

The first one, is an EMD SW1500, scale 1:32, which fits on the 45 mm tracks in our garden. It’s still not finished, but you get a good idea on how it will work out.
We will paint it to match the Union Pacific colors, like on the included picture of a real EMD SW1500.

Still waiting for the motors to arrive from China, a small motor with a 1:50 reduction gearbox, will be strong enough and will deliver 400 RPM. 4 of these motors will be fitted in, to deliver the torque to pull about 15 railway cars behind the locomotive 🙂

Furthermore, I still need to design a PCB/electronics for the lighting, sound, speed/direction, automated couplers and wifi control
(to control the loc with an iPad)

To be continued …

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2 Responses to 3D-printed EMD SW1500 locomotive (Scale 1:32) for the garden railroad

  1. Robert Wooley says:

    Kris. Thanks, i am also building the Loco
    I await your update info
    Sydney, Australia

    • Kris says:

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for you message 🙂
      I will release my files as soon as the motors from China arrive and the train made his first test-run in the garden 🙂

      best regards,

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