Our 3th 3D printer – a Prusa i3 DIY kit

Until recently, we already owned 2 3D printers (a Velleman K8200 and an Ecksbot)
A friend of mine from the 3rail forum (Hi John !), was looking to buy a 3D printer recently. I did a search on Ebay for him, and discovered a German seller, offering a complete DIY kit of the Prusa i3 C-revision with 8 mm acrylic frame.
I contacted this seller, and did a proposition on the already low price he was offering this kit. I got the kit for 265 euro, including shipping to Belgium. I couldn’t resist this offer !
(also, because I got faster and better in Solidworks, projects kept growing like mushrooms, I could not keep up the pace with 2 printers, not even with well-organized scheduling and planning, and even comming out of my bed in the middle of the night to start new printjobs)

I must say, this printer performs well, directly after intial build of it. The only 2 things I changed until now was a re-inforced print of the extruder holder, and a spool-holder to put on top of the printer 🙂

John, if you are reading this, I’m truly sorry that I got the last printer and that you could not get such a bargain for you, but hey, look on the bright side, it’s performing wonderfully well for me, and your Cyclone PCB parts where printed on it 🙂

It’s beginning to look a bit like a production factory over here, watch this short movie of our 3 3D printers running …
My 3D printhub – short movie

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