Summary of new modelrailroad-related additions …

I collected a few new nice modelrailroad related items the past few months,
so this is a little summary of all of it 🙂

1. Marketplace in H0 (Noch 15741), bought this during our holidays, at the Veluwse stoommaatschappij.

2. a little station master bear for Christel, also bought at the Veluwse stoommaatschappij.

3. Preiser 13255, limited (500 only) edition of music fanfare. Was looking for this for more then a year, found it at a small shop in Rötenburg during our holidays.

4. The Märklin IMA 2015 H0 car, bought during our visit to the Märklin IMA ofcourse 🙂

5. The Märklin “Werkbesichtigung” H0 car, could only be bought during the exclusive factory tour. (Thanks to Christian from Denmark, we could enjoy this tour)

6. Schuco Märklin VW bus H0 (bought at the IMA)

7. Limited edition Märklin IMA VW bus H0 (also bought at the IMA)

8. Märklin loc 37028 – P8 KPEV – MFX (bought at the Märklin Erlebenis welt)

9. Märklin set 42767 – ontime only edition (bought at the Märklin Erlebenis welt)

10. Faller 130922 – Martinstor in Freiburg (bought at the Märklin Erlebenis welt)

11. LGB 23930 – Köf for Christels’ garden railroad (bought at the Märklin Erlebenis welt)

12. Märklin loc 37020 – BR53 oil – MFX – insiders model
(bought at the Märklin Erlebenis welt)

13. The 3rail forum exclusive H0 car. (bought from the 3rail “master” himself, Sascha)

14. Liliput BR05 with front cab – lokpilot 4 (brand new on ebay, a real bargain)

Furthermore I also bought a few Märklin sweaters and Märklin umbrella.
(by wearing this sweather the second day at the Märklin Erlebenis Welt, they were thinking that I was Märklin personel, so I got an extra 20% discount, LOL)

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