H0 modelroad-related 3D printed parts

We are currently preparing to work on our long H0 module again.
This module is 4m70 long an part of the bigger H0 layout.
Because we want to be able to run trams and cars along this module,  we are looking into the possibility of a method to turn our trams and cars, on an as-small-as possible floor-diameter. Making a loop for the trams or cars, does take up to much space, space that can be used for scenery purpose otherwise. So, I came up with the idea of a turntable that would be able to turn trams and cars 180° around at the same time.
The result is a 3D printed turntable with space for cars and trams, controlled by a stepper motor for the 180° motion …

Furthermore, we also want an hot-air-balloon above the H0 layout. Looking at ebay, it seems that this is a vintage product now, with accordingly high prices. (140 – 160 euro)
So, I printed my own hot-air-balloon. I did find a real-scale (1:1) balloon on Grabcad.
Next I rescaled and sliced it with Solidworks, and ran it trough Cura, to be able to print it.
The result is a green hot-air-balloon at exact H0 scale. (I still need to “cleanup” the balloon a bit and create a basket for underneath it)

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