Holidays – part 2: Dresden (part 1)

Yesterday we drove from Neuenmarkt to Dresden.
We arrived in the Hilton hotel at around 2 PM.
After checking in, we did a small sightseeing and visited the “Altmarkt Gallerie” (a Shoppin Centre)

We did eat something on the Brühler terras.
Christel did eat a nice trout, and I did eat Bloodsausage and liversausage with sauerkraut and mashed patatoes …

Today we did have a trip with a steamboat to Blauwitz, and bought tickets for a sightseeing bus( hop on/hop off with 22 stops, in and around Dresden – tickets valid for 2 days), so we already visited Loschwitz, and took the “Schwebebahn” upto a panorama tower.

Tomorrow we plan a trip to the “SeilStandBahn” (also in Loschwitz), a trip to the “glässner factory” (VW factory) and the “Grösser Garthen” with the livesteam park railway in it …

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