Holidays – part 3: Dresden (part 2)

Today, we had a very busy schedule.
In the morning, we did take the sight-seeing bus to The Volkswagen glass factory. (They don’t make glass, but it got his name because it’s a complete glass “see-trough” buildling)
In the past, they manufactured the VW Phaeton (VW calls it a limousine, but my BMW is bigger and offers more comfort, LOL)
You could see the assembly line and see some concept-cars of VW)

Next, we went to the “Grossen Garten”, there is a big gartenrailway that goes trough the whole park. (It’s to big to visit by foot). We did get off the gartentrain at station “Carola see”, where we enjoyed a nice lunch in the shadow, with a fabulous view on the Carola lake …

After this, it was time to make the rest of the train-ride trough the park, and we got back on the sight-seeing bus which we left in Loschwitz, to visit the “StandSeilBahn”,
where we got another excellent panorama view. (included as the last picture of this page)
(After this visit, we hopped on the sight-seeing bus again, to get back to Dresden …)

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