Holidays – part 4: Eisenbahnmuseum Chemnitz

Today, in the morning we did visit a local modellbau shop, named “Modellbau Peter”.  (you can also buy online)
Every year when we go on holidays, I try to lookup a local modeltrain shop, in front of the holidays itself, so I can be prepared to visit this local shop 🙂
Peter does look a few years older like in his youtube video, but he is a friendly and helpfull man, with lots of knowledge and “nice to knows” information.
When you are in the neighbourhood of Dresden, I can strongly advice you to pay him a visit 🙂

I bought 2 locomotives (a BR01 (oil-based)) and a BR42, both for an incredible low price.
(Sold as second-hand, but they look brand-new to me !)
I also bought 3 trix railcars and 2 other railcars. (pictures after the holidays)

Peter, if you are reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you, and I will surely buy from you again trough your webshop 🙂

After this visit, we drove to the Eisenbahnmuseum in Chemnitz. (65 KM drive from Dresden) I was really impressed, because it consists of 2 roundhouses and ofcourse also 2 turntables ! Furthermore I did see a VT18 for the first time in my life 🙂
I even did take the time to setup my camera on a tripod, and remotely triggered the taking of a picture of me AND Christel in front of this VT18 !
Furthermore they have a nice collection of steam locomotives, and they even have a
modelrailroad within the compound of the museum, and a “feltbahn” behind the museum, where you can ride along 🙂

After all, this was a nice day 🙂

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