While Kris was hospitalized, I did buy him some locomotives, to motivate his health process. (after all he has been trough, he deserved this)

I bought him some locomotives, while some friends did send him some railcars to create a car-transport set 🙂

A new Trossberg Köf, a BR221, a BR96 in a nice green color, and a Bayerische loc with almost the same green color-scheme, and 5 Epoche 3 car-transporters is the result 🙂

Kris is still as sick as hell. He needs to stay at home at least until the end of august !
To soften the pain, I buy him some train related items from time to time.
So, I updated his collection with Märklin set 39080, Märklin 37017, a “Tölz” locomotive,
A Bayerische S1 loc, a BR85 loc, 4 “hot-iron” transport cars, and a set of 3 Silberlingen …

Because of Kris’ illness, he got a little bit “behind” with collecting Märklin trains, and keeping collection “complete”,
so I helped him out a bit 🙂
Still some items needs to be delivered, so stay tuned for another update within a week or so. (this time, he got 3 cars with gas bottles, 4 cars with “carbide” bottles, 4 cars with VW tranporters, 4 cars with GooGoo transporters, and another set of 3 “hot-iron” transport cars. (to have a more realistic total number of those transport cars).

All items got delivered, his collection is back up-to-date now 🙂
He got 5 passenger cars, a coal-wagon with crane (we needed the crane for the coal/mining depot), a car with a tower-clock, this was made by märklin in honor of the restauration of the Liebe-Fraue-Kirche in Dresden. (which we visited last year).
Furthermore there was one additional car, for the VW transporters, which we did receive previously, and a set of 4 cars with small cars, to accompany his GooGoo transporters, which he also received previously.

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