I’m still alive ! (+ 2 pages full of pictures of new modelrailroad additions for 2017)

Hello all,

It’s almost the end of the year, and funny enough, this is my first real posting in 2017 !
Due to ongoing health issues (2 weeks in coma, 3 times reanimated etc …), I was not capable in doing anything usefull in 2017. (I just started working again, a few weeks ago, 2 days a week … I still have trouble with writing and speaking …)

So, today was one of my better days, and I started taking pictures of all my new modelrailroad stuff from 2017 … After seeing the list of pictures, I realized that I never got so many new stuff in one year. (It seems the more ill I am, the more stuff I get, LOL)

This is just a posting to say hi to you all, I’m still alive, but I still have to keep calm !
(but I assume you may expect a lot of new projects getting started (and finished) in 2018 …)

So, in the meanwhile, enjoy the picture off all new modelrailroad additions of 2017 …

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