Early birthday-present: Märklin things !

Because of the development of LocoMotion, some things gained momentum. I was always looking at a Märklin CS3,
but never felt the real urge to have/buy one … Until I started the development of LocoMotion !
While making comparisons between Esu EcoS II and Märklin CS3, I noticed that they both have their own advantages
and dis-advantages. One is not necessarily better than the other, they are simply both different !

So, with my recent “re-discovery” of my own mind (no pun intented, referering to January 2017 and my health problems)
and my passion for electronics, I started developing LocoMotion. And because I wanted my LocoMotion to be compatible
with multiple devices, I decided to “ask” a Märklin CS3 for my upcoming birthday in April 🙂

I did some investigation, and for me a regular CS3 (60226) is better than a CS3+ (60216) By connecting an L88/S88 (60883),
I have the possibility to connect my S88 modules that I already have. Another advantage will be that it is more stable/faster
than the built-in S88 in the 60226 unit.

Of course I also needed some power-supplies. A 60041 for the CS3 and a 66360 for the L88/S88 module will do fine 🙂

So, I’m pretty sure that the CS3 firmware (also compatible with CS2 and CS3+) for LocoMotion, will also be released this year 🙂
(Even knowing that communication development for CS3 is much more complicated than the same development for EcoS II is)

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