Ultra-wide “small” touchscreen

Recently I discovered Ultra-wide touchscreen from WaveShare.
They come in 2 flavours:
– 11.9 inch (320 x 1480 resolution – 287.3mm x 69.1mm)
– 7.9 inch (400 x 1280 resolution – 207.78mm x 69.8mm)

Those screens do have an HDMI input, and come with 4-point touch-screen.
You can use them on all type devices. (Raspberry Pi / Jetson / regular PC … etc …)
They both come with a bunch of cables/adapters, to connect the most used SBC’s to this screen.
(screws/bolts/HDMI bridges etc …, you can simply screw the RPI to the back of the screen)
I’m using it for the moment with a RPI 4, for an “upcoming” scenery-project for my H0 railroad layout.

For the 11.9 inch, you can find info here
For the 7.9 inch, you can find info here

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