Use 12V COB LEDstrip for H0 passenger carriages

Until recently, I used regular 12V LEDstrips for my interior lighting inside my H0 passenger carriages.
But I was not totally happy with it: sometimes a LED did not sit right above a compartiment,
or was even placed on top of the dividing wall between compartiments, resulting in sometimes strange results.

Recently I discovered 12V COB LEDstrips. Those contains LEDs, one next to the other, resulting in a continuous line of light. This is the ideal interior lighting 🙂
Putting 12V to these lightstrips, makes them to bright for usages in my passenger carriages. You need to wear sunglasses, as well as all of your H0 passengers,
to not go blind 🙂

Putting 10.2V – 0.060A to these strips, still makes them a little to bright, but at least they stay cool.
They start lighting at 9.5V. 10V (with using 0.01A for 5 meters), seems just the right amount of light.
The usage is low enough with this, to connect a whole set of cars, to one regular decoder output.

Those LEDstrips are cuttable every 2.5 centimeters.
When cut, you get a nice little copper plate, on both sides of the COB LEDstrip, to connect the + en – wires.

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