Putting all H0 rolling stock back into boxes

This weekend, I did put all H0 rolling stock that was displayed in our living room, back into the original boxes.
All trains will be moved to my 2 enormous schadow stations. The idea is to not fiddle around with trains between my tracks in the trainroom
and the display cabinet in the living room.
Also, we are going to do some small home renovation, so that the computer desk (currently, 5 meters long !) will be a bit smaller,
and our kitchen will become a bit bigger (with some headroom for our future cleaning robot).

This is a picture from some months ago, +75 meters of H0 train glory …

And this is how it looks now, an empty train cabinet !
It feels a bit weird, no more trains in our living room …

We still need to take down the cabinet itself, but this will be a task for the beginning of 2024.
I will place 30 Govee Glide Hexa lightpanels on a part of this wall … (controllable from within Home Assistant)

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