H0 factory build + interior

For the long (3m70) module, I bought the Marklin limited edition of the original Marklin factory set 72150. This building is 1m15 (45,5 inch) long and 29 cm (11,4 inch) high, when finished. Because this building will become a real eye-catcher (visitors only stand about 30 cm (11,5 inch) from the building, and it will be set at “eye-height”. This is why I decided to put a full interior into this building …

There are already 97 little people into the building. (mostly workers) When the building is finished (with toilets, cafetaria, office-space, meeting-rooms etc …), I estimate the total number of “little people” to be between 300 and 500 !

Next step:

  • install the lower workfloor 2, and put lighting into these parts.
  • install the office-space, toilets, cafetaria, meeting-rooms etc … onto the upper floors.
  • finish lighting and create some electronics for it …


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2 Responses to H0 factory build + interior

  1. John Monsieurs says:

    Hello Kris,
    Just stumbled on your article about the 72150 marklin building.
    Very nice,
    do you have more pictures of the completed unit that you can send me?
    Greetings from Vancouver, John M

    • Kris says:

      Hi John,

      In then meanwhile, I sold this factory, so I don’t have any more pictures.
      But I still have a full kit in original box, still packed.
      So, next year, I will build this factory again, and will make some enhancements in comparison to this build 🙂
      I will surely make lots of pictures, and put a new article on my website.

      Best regards,

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