H0 layout extension – modules in other garage

First of all, the past few months have been very quiet. This is mainly due to illness. At january 12th, 2012, I need to start with a new therapy for my HHC. You can compare this with chemo, I will loose all my hair, and I will be ill for at least 6 weeks !

So, first of all, due to our new car (which is to big to fit in our garage), we decided to look forward to buy another extra garage. So, our old garage now becomes a part of the modelrailroad layout 🙂 I’m extending my layout with 2 modules of each 55 cm (about 21,65 inch) wide and 1m45 (57 inch) long. These modules will be transportable by car, to take them with me to the modelrailroadclub from time to time. (They fit nicely in the trunk of my car) Furthermore, I also needed to build another extra (fixed) module, which is about 3m30 (130 inch) long. I need to pass 2 “gaps”, between the 2 new modules, and the long large module. I created 2 bridges, which are electronically controlled … I still need to clean up a lot of mess and dust, paint everything, connect lots and lots of (electricity) wires, paint all cabinets and lay down some nice laminated floor 🙂

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