On April 12th, 2009, the Easter-bunny brought me a present …

Actually, today I drove about 312 kilometers to get my Easter-present 🙂 (156 KM in one direction) A trip from Ekeren, to somewhere above Utrecht, (with a bag full of money), resulted in this beauty ! In september I did build a dedicated cabinet for it, to give this baby the attention it deserves. (I even flipped a wall for it, lol, please don’t call me “nuts”)

On september 28, 2009, we finally started with the building of a new cabinet, exclusively for my Marklin globe. Initially, the modelrailroad was planned to take shape “above” our desks. This is why at the right and left side of our desks, we have “hollow blocks”, with an outer measurement of 110 cm x 110 cm, reaching from the floor, all the way up, 2m70 high. Those “blocks” where forseen for my “rail-spirals” at both sides of the modelrailroad. Because I did find some other space to create my modelrailroad, those “blocks” have no purpose at all, so we decided to make cabinets inside these blocks.

Some extra info:

Our “old” 6-digit clock got “embedded” into this cabinet. (It does NOT sit ON the wall, but it fits IN the wall !)

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