My first H0 scenery – coalmine (top part) *UPDATED november 9th – 2014*

Last week, I started building on the top-part of the coalmine.
These are my first steps in H0 scenery, so this all is relatively new to me !
I started with a 6mm piece of MDF, 90cm x 50 cm.
The coalmine will be part of the large module (due to it’s simplicity concerning rail-plan and electronics, the large module will be the first part that will be finished on the H0 model railroad)
The coalmine will also have a bottom-part, with mine-cars and mineworkers, more onΒ  this later …

Update – october 19th – 2014
I’m still busy with the lighting, but I already made some night-pictures for a first impression πŸ™‚
(including the interior of the workplace …)

Update – november 1st – 2014
Today I finished the 2 trucks for transporting coal. I added front- and backlights and truckdrivers. I used SMD LEDs (0402) for the lighting …

Update – november 2th – 2014
Today I made a small PCB with a microchip PIC16F630 and some coding, to simulate welding lights. I can attach 4 LEDs to this small module.
Click here to see a short movie of the welding simulation in action.

Update – november 9th – 2014
Today I connected my home-made traffic-light controller, to the 3D printed traffic lights. Only one part of the intersection is done, because the other side of the road, can only be
build, when this module is finally in place. Also, for the road-workers, there are about 8
SMD LEDs, but I still need to make a PCB to connect these SMD LEDs, so they can “blink” like real “roadwork lights” do πŸ™‚

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