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Leap Motion: a new way to interact with your PC !

My leapmotion already arrived, for free ! (it’s good to be a developer, otherwise I had to wait until july, and pay 80 dollars for it !) click here to see a movie clip of the Leap-motion in action !

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A new milling machine and a major upgrade of the “machinery-room” …

I already got a lathe for Christmas 2012 (somewhere in Oktober !) But, just before Christmas, Christel gave me “permission” to order the BF-25 mill :-)(I should have gotten this machine for my Birthday, in april 2013) On Christmas-day 2012 … Continue reading

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X-/Y- and Z-axis calibration done on HBM-BF25 CNC

I finally managed to finish the CNC conversion of the HBM BF-25 machine ! (Ooh well, still some homing-switches and emergency-buttons to wire, and my 4th axis, but everything comes along fine now) After some calculations about motor steps per … Continue reading

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Something wrong in my head !

After a long time of illness, doctors discovered something in my head ! (no bad jokes about discovering brains please …) I have some extra bone-structure growing in my head, which causes pressure against my brains. (Which causes the headaches) … Continue reading

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2 new FPGA boards for me: Xilinx Atlys and Xilinx Nexys2

I got 2 extra FPGA boards (with some additional breakout boards) I already managed to create Tetris, Pong and a fractal generator, onto these FPGA boards ! Note that you don’t write software for FPGA boards, but you “define” the … Continue reading

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