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New Mac Mini – DIY memory-upgrade + 3x 4K screens

After year of reliable service, it was time for a new Mac Mini. The 2020 edition is the same as the 2018 edition, except that it comes with double the storage space. Because RAM memory is expensive in those Apple … Continue reading

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Yamaha MODX: Connecting an external touch screen

This week, I began my adventure to connect an external touch screen to my Yamaha MODX. Yamaha does not support this,so, we are on our own on this …After looking on several websites, I noticed that there are 3 touch … Continue reading

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Welcome to the music section

So, it finally happened, I added a music section to our blog !Since a few years, I’m addicted to “making music”.In the meanwhile, I already made some songs on my own, current counter is about 17 !From time to time, … Continue reading

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My first H0-related 3D printed miniatures

This weekend was a productive weekend !I started printing my first miniature in H0-scale, for myself !First, I started off with a download of a VW beetle from thingiverse, this needed to be printed in 6 pieces:– 4 wheels– a … Continue reading

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