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Ambilight up-and-running (with HDMI, no PC needed !)

A few years ago, I made an ambi-light, based on a PIC, some ADC controllers, an LM1881, and an bunch of other components. It only worked for a fixed resolution, and used 3 LEDstrips: one for left, one for right, … Continue reading

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Open-up those *cheap* MP3 players, and use them in your own electronic projects …

On the 3-rail forum, there is a topic running, about using MP3’s, in conjunction with (model)railroads … I found some cheap MP3 modules on Ebay, a complete MP3-player, for less then 2 Euro ! It comes with an internal battery, … Continue reading

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Download collection for my electronics projects *Updated*

During the past 5 years, I designed a whole bunch of electronic projects, You can see a list of all these projects, in the “Electronics” section. I collected all project-files into a few downloads. 1. Home automation related (click here … Continue reading

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First poll: Give us your opinion on our new design

Hi folks, To make our website a bit more “interactive”, I just installed a plugin for polls. First poll is a fact now, so please give us your opinion about our new design / possibilities … Note that you may … Continue reading

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Please read: – *NEW STYLE*

Hello (again), If you are reading this, it means we finally upgraded our website to a new style. On july 5th, 2008, the first blog-posting on was created … It did take a few days, before “someone” did see … Continue reading

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